Greetings!! Welcome to Our Store!! We are very excited that you chose
tot2TEEN for your child's needs, Thank You! We look very forward to serving you!!

tot2TEEN is locally owned and operated by longtime Juneau residents, which helps us understand the complexities of our customer's needs. This idea came about because Juneau parents and youngsters deserve a place where they can not only purchase needed items, lovingly used at affordable prices, but also come away with knowledge and hopefully a feeling of Community.

The vision of tot2TEEN is to provide inexpensive clothing and goods for newborns to teenagers while helping to reuse and re-purpose gently used kids items to help make a positive impact on the environment, while also supporting our Community by providing free activities and information for the families of Juneau.

Juneau is very fortunate to have an environmentally aware population that sees the importance of reusing items, as opposed to throwing them away, which
tot2TEEN will strongly promote. Further, many families in Juneau feel the burden of passing along quality used child-related clothing and goods due to the lack of outlets for these items, which tot2TEEN will help alleviate. Juneau's geography dictates that waste management will never be an easy problem to ignore. We do not live in a place where trash can just pile up in landfill after landfill indefinitely, as it might in other areas, plus our landfill is growing at an alarming rate which we all need to be more aware of. Juneau still puts 32,000 tons of waste in its landfill each year, 21,000 of which comes from households and small businesses. Plenty of that material is actually recyclable and reusable, a fact tot2TEEN hopes to bring more attention to. By helping to recycle and re-imagine marginally used kids items, plus provide another donation outlet for other items tot2TEEN stands by our commitment to the environment, of future generations and our desire to be make a positive change in Juneau.

Juneau is also a town that thrives on ease of use and since tot2TEEN is centrally located in the Mendenhall Mall we offer easy, ample parking, other shopping and dining opportunities within the Mall, plus long hours in an attempt to accommodate all schedules.

A top priority is creating a happy and fun environment for kids and families to shop, learn, and be supported by a community of open-minded and creative spirits. The tot2TEEN team envisions a warm, friendly, comfortable setting to buy, consign, play, and meet other families for generations to come.

tot2TEEN will accept newborn to teenage clothes, games, toys, gear, etc. Please see separate tab for specific items. The store will not accept or offer Maternity clothing. We will require items be brought to us in impeccable & working condition (absolutely no rips, stains, pilling, odors, lost buttons, etc.). tot2TEEN will also showcase a 'Lovin' Large' photo and information section to offer items such as outdoor playhouses, large ride-on toys, bikes and sports equipment. This will allow these type items to be consigned.

Here's a brief list of the exciting in-store features and special services offered, some never before seen in Juneau:
  • A Designated Play Area for Children
  • Family Activity Evenings
  • Pregnancy, Child Behavior/Care Lending Library
  • Adoption Arena
  • What's Happening Wall
  • Online Store
  • Pick-Up Service
  • Online Account Access and Maintenance
In addition to the services above tot2TEEN will also offer several options for donating, consigning and reselling goods. We will focus heavily on donating appropriate items to numerous organizations both in Juneau (from AWARE to the Animal Shelter) and to the outlying communities. Options for donating, consigning and resale are listed below:
  • Giving Tree (Growing soon)
  • Stay & Consign
  • Donations to Another Account
  • Drop & Run
  • Donations to tot2TEEN
  • 'Buy your Box' Days
tot2TEEN sees the importance of recycling, reusing and re-imagining lovingly used children's items as to promote a cleaner environment and less stress on our landfill for both current and future generations. Simply put, recycling through consignment is a “feel-good” way to help our immediate surroundings, make shopping for our children more fun and affordable, plus support local business. It’s a win-win for everyone!!

tot2TEEN was conceived as a community resource. Our customers may walk-in as strangers but the goal is to see them walk out feeling like a part of something good. tot2TEEN will strive to not only make your shopping experience pleasant, but also provide a fun place where happiness is abundant and contagious.

Lastly, but most important, tot2TEEN will hands-down provide the best customer service in Juneau. Our team members will enjoy their job and it will show in their smiles and willingness to assist and interact with customers. tot2TEEN is super excited to serve the parents, caregivers and youth of Juneau which will be felt throughout the store!

We care about Juneau, its people and the future of our Community and this will be demonstrated in how tot2TEEN conducts business. tot2TEEwill strive to not only make your shopping experience pleasant, but also provide a fun place where happiness is abundant and contagious.

Thank You for visiting our store and we hope you come back again soon!!

Business Card - Tot2Teen - Juneau, Alaska - Provided by Katherine Torrence